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2017 Reading Challenges

Tue, 01/03/2017 - 2:23pm -- hdraft

The dawn of a new year is always a time where many people think about changes they would like to make or goals they would like to achieve. For me, one such goal at the beginning of each year has always been in the form of a book challenge.

There are many different options to choose from if you are interested in pursuing a book challenge in 2017. Perhaps you have a certain number of books in mind that you would like to complete this year, or may you would simply like to read more widely. The following are just a handful of the many challenges in which you can participate.

  • If you would like to set a goal for the amount of books you want to read this year, try goodreads. Not only will you be able to see the progress you’ve made towards your goal, but you can also keep track of everything you have read on their website. Goodreads is a great resource to discover new titles, share reviews, and find friends that have similar taste in books.
  • If you would like a challenge that offers you the opportunity to explore diverse genres, check out the Read Harder Challenge at Book Riot and the Reading Challenge at Pop Sugar. I participated in the latter challenge last year, and it was an excellent way for me to read and enjoy books that I may not have picked up otherwise.

We are always happy to help you find the books that you are seeking, or recommend new titles that you may enjoy. Happy reading!

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