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Cromaine's Author Fair! Saturday, November 2, 2013

Featured Speakers and Sessions:

10:20 am
Rebecca J. Ensign, Publisher, Gold Leaf Press:
The Changing Landscape of 21st Century Publishing

11:15 am
Panel Discussion: Marketing Trends for Authors

12:30 pm
Jaye Beeler and Dianne Carroll Burdick, Author and photographer of "Tasting and Touring Michigan's Homegrown Food"
Jaye and Dianne will discuss their adventures touring, tasting, writing and photographing Michigan's "culinary landscape." Jaye will bring a sampling of Michigan treats. Cromaine will also provide lunch.

1:30 pm
Panel Discussion:  Follow up on Ms. Ensign's presentation on publishing trends, traditional vs.  independent

2:15 pm
Author, Cynthia Furlong Reynolds
Reynolds, an award-winning author, journalist and and educator talks about living the "writing life" and flourishing as a working writer.