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Big Read 2016 - Tell Us Your Dog Story Writing Contest!

The 2016 Big Read celebrates Jack London’s novel “The Call of the Wild.” This story of a struggle for survival of both man and man’s best friend is an unforgettable adventure.  Maximum 1500-word essay, memoir, fiction, nonfiction, short fiction, poetry - story must be complete within 1500 words. Adults and teens are encouraged to attend Cromaine Writers held each month, before submitting their entry.

See below for flyer and entry form.

MeLCat services suspended until March 1, 2016

MeLCat, the Michigan Electronic Library's online catalog of resources at libraries across the state has suspended services for Cromaine and Cromaine Library's patrons, beginning November 2, 2015.
If you have a MeLCat item, please return it as promptly as possible.
Once all items have been returned, MeLCat will transition Cromaine Library to a new connection and will need to reconstruct Cromaine services.
MeLCat is not expected to be available again until March 1, 2016.
We are sorry for the inconvenien

Hoopla - Now with eBooks!

Cromaine LIbrary resident card holders can now download the free hoopla digital mobile app on their Android or IOS device or visit  to begin enjoying thousands of titles – from major Hollywood studios and record companies – available to borrow for instant streaming on your computer or temporary downloading to a smartphone or tablet.

Michigan Activity Pass (MAP)

M.A.P. is a program of The Library Network, a group of libraries in southeastern Michigan. M.A.P., also known as Michigan Activity Pass, provides free and discounted admissions as well as discounts in gift shops at museums, attractions, parks, and all kinds of recreation and entertainment opportunities. M.A.P. adds new attractions annually; in 2015 the new attractions include Sea Life at Great Lakes Crossing with the M.A.P. discount effective May 24, 2015.

Nooks and Kindles - Loaded and Ready to check out!

Have you been waiting to try out a Nook or Kindle?  You can check one out at Cromaine, AND read the books you are itching to read!

Our Nooks have many genre-specific favorites and most-requested books preloaded for you. Currently, every Nook contains the popular titles seen below, but remember, there are MANY more books loaded onto our Nooks.

"A Bit of Poe" now available on Amazon!

Did you miss out on our Big Read 2013 Anthology "A Bit of Poe from Hartland, Michigan?"

It is now for sale on Amazon, with a portion of the proceeds coming back to Cromaine Library.

Thank you to Thomson-Shore, Inc for supporting Cromaine and our Big Read!  Without their dedicated staff, we would not have been able to put together this book!!

WELCOME to Hartland's Cromaine Library Blog!

Mon, 02/08/2016 - 3:54pm -- cmarlow

Welcome to the conversation! I'm Ceci Marlow, Library Director. On our blogs, we hope to introduce you to new resources, new releases, and new ideas as often as possible. As the cultural center of the Hartland area, the Cromaine Library is your door to a world of possibility. Check us out today!

Annual Reports

Cromaine District Library is a much-loved and respected tax-supported community service. A community survey conducted in November 2009 showed 94% of those surveyed consider Cromaine an important priority in our area. Whether you need a place to have a homeowners' association meeting, a chance to study for a professional exam, or some good reading, Cromaine is ready and eager to supply that need as it has since 1927.

Computer Help at the Village!

Get your computer questions answered by experienced computer volunteers at Cromaine in the Village. 

Struggling with the difference between Office 2003 and 2007? Not sure how to get your software installed? Have new software your child's been told to use and you don't know it either? Want to do formulas in Excel but can't remember and "Help" doesn't make sense?  Free Computer Help is available at Cromaine!
Computer Help is available at the Village:
Tuesdays: 3-5pm

Michigan Works Share Network Access Point - Village!


Cromaine is a Michigan Works! Access site - let your friends and neighbors in the Hartland area know that they don't have to drive to the other side of the county, but only need to visit Cromaine Library in the Village for assistance with their job search, those who want a better job and those who are in career transition!


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Do you have a Facebook page? Become a friend of Cromaine Library and you will get to see the latest news, freshest photos, exciting videos and program highlights throughout your day. Invite your friends to follow us, and lets get everyone online! How many friends does Cromaine have?

Wireless Network Security Hole

A new Firefox plug-in, Firesheep, makes it very quick and easy to examine and use unencrypted data sent over any open wireless network. This makes it a simple matter for hackers to access Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Flickr, some email sites and other non-encrypted websites as if he or she were the account-holder.

The Firesheep plug-in will allow full access to any site users log into that does not have "https://" at the beginning of its web address. The "s" in "https://" means the site has been secured and encrypted with a Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL.)