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Blackout Poetry

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 2:02pm -- hdraft

Yesterday, tweens were invited to try blackout poetry in celebration of National Poetry Month. Blackout poetry is a unique writing form that uses pre-existing texts, highlights certain words from that text to create a poem, and crosses out the rest of the unused words.  This can be accomplished in an endless amount of ways, from simply writing over words with a black marker, to adding bright colors, to creating fun or beautiful  images around your new poem. Here are a few examples from last night that you can use as inspiration to create your own blackout poetry at home!

Youth Staff's Favorite Storytime Read Alouds

Tue, 03/29/2016 - 11:56am -- hdraft

As March is Reading Month comes to a close, members of the Youth Staff are excited to share some of their favorite storytime read alouds with you. All of these books are available for checkout, and if you would like more recommendations, please let us know.


Ms. Marta’s Favorites

I'm a Frog: An Elephant & Piggie Book by Mo Willems

Piggie sends Elephant into a meltdown when she declares that she is now a frog. Apparently you can pretend to be things you are not. Who knew?!

Great Reads for National Poetry Month

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 6:04pm -- alynch

Hum by Jamaal MayIn May's debut collection, poems buzz and purr like a well-oiled chassis. Grit, trial, and song thrum through tight syntax and deft prosody. From the resilient pulse of an abandoned machine to the sinuous lament of origami animals, here is the ever-changing hum that vibrates through us all, connecting one mind to the next.

Storytime Bunny Crafts

Sat, 03/26/2016 - 11:44am -- hdraft

At this week’s Toddler and Preschool Storytimes, we hopped into Spring with some bunny crafts. Both projects can be duplicated at home, and both are great for developing fine motor skills.

The toddler craft this week was an adorably bunny mask. To make it, all you need is one paper plate, some cotton balls, glue, scissors, construction paper, and crayons.

April Fools' Day: Films with a Twist

Fri, 03/25/2016 - 12:22pm -- alynch

April 1st is coming swiftly. In honor of April Fools' Day, a day dedicated to turns of trickery, here are three films with great plot twists and moments of humor (sometimes dark):

Donnie Darko: The voice of a six-foot tall bunny saves a troubled teen from sure death. As a result, the teen becomes a devout follower of the bunny, even to the point of destruction.

Big Read Kick Off -- March 19

Sat, 03/12/2016 - 11:59am -- alynch

Get out your dog sleds -- the kick off for the Big Read (The Call of the Wild by Jack London) is just one week away. Join us at the Village on Saturday, March 19 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm to enjoy free books, food, and entertainment.This program is presented with warmest gratitude to Arts Midwest, the National Endowment for the Arts, and our local sponsors.


March is Reading Month: Five Favorites

Mon, 03/07/2016 - 6:42pm -- hdraft

March is Reading Month! To celebrate, I thought I would share five of the best books I have read this year (so far.) All are available for checkout, and if we do not have a title checked in that you would like to read, we will be happy to place a hold on it for you and will let you know as soon as it is available.


The Wrath and the Dawn – Renee Ahdieh (Y FIC Ahdieh; this title is also available through Overdrive)

Painting in a Bag

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 6:27pm -- hdraft

If you are looking for a fun, almost mess-free painting activity for your child, give this sensory activity from last week’s Preschool Storytime a try!

Great News for American Girl Fans!

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 2:19pm -- hdraft

Earlier this week, American Girl released an exciting announcement that the new doll they are unveiling this summer has a Detroit connection. Nine-year-old Melody Ellison, a young girl who is passionate about singing, is a Detroit native who grew up during the tumultuous 1960s Civil Rights era. Books about Melody and all of her adventures will be released on June 23rd, 2016.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Sat, 02/20/2016 - 11:04am -- hdraft

If you and your child have ever attended a children’s program with a craft component at Hartland Cromaine, you may have noticed that we do quite a bit of cutting, pasting, ripping, painting, and folding. While children enjoy the process of creating and are proud of their end result, they are also learning fine motor skills that will help them perform various tasks throughout their lives.

Blogger Introduction

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 6:56pm -- alynch

My name is Autumn, and I am the E-Resources Librarian at  Cromaine. I manage OverDrive, Zinio, and hoopla. Outside of the library, I spend my time writing, watching films, and caring for my two cats.

Celebrate Black History Month with Three Great Films

Tue, 02/16/2016 - 4:08pm -- alynch

February brings Black History Month -- an important time to celebrate the past and present achievements of African Americans. It is impossible to tell the story of America without reflecting on the lives of African Americans throughout history. Commemorate Black History Month by viewing any of these three excellent films -- all available at the Hartland Cromaine District Library:

February Books

Thu, 02/18/2016 - 6:31pm -- eidzior

This month, as usual, I'm enjoying several books at once. If a book I recommend is not available here at Cromaine, don't forget that as part of the The Library Network you can order a title and receive it from any of our member libraries with your Cromaine Library Card.

Annual Reports

Cromaine District Library is a much-loved and respected tax-supported community service. A community survey conducted in November 2009 showed 94% of those surveyed consider Cromaine an important priority in our area. Whether you need a place to have a homeowners' association meeting, a chance to study for a professional exam, or some good reading, Cromaine is ready and eager to supply that need as it has since 1927.

If you love Percy Jackson

There is something about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series that makes it one of the most popular series at Cromaine.  Maybe it's the action.  Or the humor.  Or the way author Rick Riordan makes ancient stories come to life in a modern setting.  Personally, I think it's a combination of these things. But there is one more part of the equation that typically gets left out; the part that, in my opinion, keeps kids returning to books like The Lightning Thief.   The kids save the world.  

Welcome to Emily's Blog

Mon, 02/15/2016 - 10:06am -- eidzior

Hello,  I am Emily Idzior and I am the Business Resources Librarian here at Cromaine!

I've been a professional librarian for 3 years and bring with me a love of writing and a love of reading.

If you're looking for recommendations outside of business resources--databases, books, anything!--I'm also a big fan of reading poetry, literary fiction, and science fiction and would love to recommend your next good read.

I also run the Adult Fiction Book Club--we meet the first Tuesday of every month and I would love to see you there sometime!

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Week at the library and the adorable toddlers and preschoolers are all decked out in their pink and red.   Remember when Valentine's Day was about giving everyone in your class a funny little card with maybe some candy attached?  And decorating a shoe box with hearts? 

Thought this comic was fitting this week:

Love in the library.: