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Youth Services




  • Cells Alive! - Plant, animal and bacteria cell models.
  • Dawn is an unmanned mission to the beginning of the solar system. There are videos and images of the craft moving towards the asteroid belt. The site includes games and activities for kids such as making an asteroid belt.
  • NASA Kids - A product of Science @ NASA.
  • Animal Fact Guide - Here at Animal Fact Guide you can learn all sorts of interesting facts about the animals that roam our planet.
  • Marc’s Observatory - Fun and interesting facts about space.
  • NASA Space Place - Games, projects and fun facts about space, Earth and technology.
  • Space Today Online - Learn about space shuttles, space stations, satellites, astronauts, space history, the solar system, & deep space.
  • Star Child: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers - An introduction to the solar system, planets, moons, asteroids, and more.
  • Windows to the Universe - Facts, mythology, poetry, art, and games about astronomy, the solar system, scientists, space exploration, weather, and more.