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Youth Services

Homeschooling Support Groups

C.H.A.S.E. (Christian Homeschool Association for Sports Excellence) - Provides organized sports opportunities for home educated children in and around the Genesee County.

Learning In A Family Environment (LIFE) - Inclusive group (neither secular nor religious). Welcomes all homeschooling families in Livingston County. Offers monthly field trips, back-to-school picnic, Mom's Night Out, preschool program, kids clubs and junior high activities.

Livingston Diverse Homeschoolers of Genesee County - The Diverse group is ages 3-14 approximately, with many younger and older that participate. There are several regular activities (International day, Science/Math day, themed days, etc.), as well as teams and clubs, and field trips. Not structured around a curriculum or structured classes with homework or assignments. An inclusive group not restricted to religion, income, family composition, race, or political viewpoints. All are welcome. The group focuses mainly on Genesee County homeschoolers but also welcomes homeschoolers from the nearby counties including Livingston.

HomeSchool Blessings - In-person support for Genesee, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Shiawassee and Wayne counties. Activities, events, Bible studies, family events plus a resource web site. The support group is geared towards Evangelical, Spirit-filled, Bible-based and Born-Again Christian home schooling families. Statement of Faith required.

Lives Inspired by Godly Home Teaching (LIGHT) - A Christian homeschooling support group serving primarily Livingston County which holds a free monthly Moms Breakfast in Brighton open to any homeschooling (or considering) moms. Member-exclusive events include weekly family sports nights (soccer, basketball, etc.), monthly rollerskating, ice skating, Book Club, and various other activities/field trips. Also host an annual Family Picnic in the fall, sponsor LIGHT Ballet, and provide a monthly newsletter. Membership is $15/year.


Homeschooling Websites

  • A to Z Home's Cool - A to Z is a community website with chat, message boards, classifieds, and a newsletter and is also a guide to over 700 pages of the best home schooling resources on the web.
  • Home Educators Resource Directory - Comprehensive listing of homeschool resources for the home educator.
  • Guide to Home Schooling - Comprehensive information on the subject created by a home schooling specialist.
  • - Good site on why your son doesn't read and how to help.
  • Home Education Magazine - Home Education Magazine presents free online newsletters, discussion boards, a networking list, and selections from the magazine.
  • Home School Fun! Online Magazine - Home schooling ideas, information on local support groups, educational resources, and curriculum.
  • Homeschool World - Homeschool magazine site features homeschooling community, articles, news and on-line experts.
  • Jon's Homeschool Resources - Jon's Homeschool Resource Page, a homeschooling father who has kept the site up for nine years helping other homeschooling families on a non-commercial site.
  • Outdoor Hour Nature Challenge - Nature study & journaling with your children.
  • Library of Congress' - This site pulls together all of the library's literary programs into a single, accessible platform.
  • American Home School Association - Its services include a discussion list and online forum which provides news, information, networking and resources for homeschooling families, support group volunteers, legislators, the media and other advocates of homeschooling.
  • The Eclectic Homeschool - The magazine for creative homeschoolers published from a Christian perspective.
  • Family Education - Provides advice by age range, grade and academic subjects, educational activities, news and blogs.
  • Family Unschooler’s Network - Provides support for unschooling, homeschooling, and self-directed learning including newsletter articles, reviews, resources, web sites, books and lots of other information.
  • Home Education Magazine - Articles, newsletter; discussion boards, library, etc.
  • Homeschool Central - Includes study resources, links to many different kinds of information, by region or state to joining a message board and chat rooms.
  • Home School Foundation - The Home School Foundation is a supporting organization of the Home School Legal Defense Association. Their mission is to preserve parental freedoms, promote home schooling, provide assistance to needy home schooling families, and support like-minded organizations. They currently help families through seven funds: the Widows Fund, the Special Needs Children’s Fund, the Friends of Home Schooling Fund, the Generation Joshua Fund, the Compassion Fund, the PHC Scholarship Fund, and the Members Helping Members Fund.
  • Homeschool Fun - Homeschool lessons and over 900 homeschool activities.
  • Home School Legal Defense Association - A nonprofit organization advocating families’ rights to homeschool their children.
  • Homeschooling Michigan - Lists resources and activities for the Michigan Homeschooler, support groups, provides a message board and a blog.
  • Home School Mom - A portal of resources including information about curriculum, lesson plans and worksheets, unit studies, etc.
  • Home Schooling in Michigan - Informational document from Michigan State Government covering the laws governing home schools.
  • Homeschooling on a Shoestring - Crafts, home educator discounts, classified ads, topic studies, and more for budget minded homeschoolers.
  • Michigan Department of Education - NonPublic Schools, Home Schools and Boarding Schools Unit.
  • Michigan Historical Museum Educator Discount Application - Explanation/application for a 20% discount in the Michigan Historical Museum stores, available to homeschooling parents.
  • Michigan Kids’ Homeschool Sports - Lists children’s sports activities by county and where applicable homeschooling clubs as well as discounts available for homeschoolers.
  • Michigan State laws, legislation, etc. (through Home School Legal Defense Association) - Includes links to relevant headlines and Michigan State legislation effecting the homeschooling community.
  • National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network - A Christian, non-profit organization dedicated to providing encouragement to families with children with special needs that are homeschooling. They publish an online or hard copy quarterly newsletter as well as a family directory, updated annually. They have a large lending library operated by mail.
  • National Home Education Research Institute - The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) conducts and collects research about homeschooling (home-based education, home schooling), and publishes the research journal called the Home School Researcher.
  • Online University - Online resources provide teachers with unique ways to teach every subject, making it both fun for students and more effective. Monthly themes, lesson plans, worksheets and tests can all be found online. Online resources also often have multimedia including video or use technology to enhance the lessons.